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… I’m so dead … Part 2Boring saturday …Tomorrow’s HRM Day …Quick post…Happy Chinese New Year EVE!~Happy Chinese New Year!~Happy Chinese New Year 2nd Day lol~Missed a post Muahaha ….Busy week…Busy day once again hahaha…Speechless ….Doing Pop Cul Slides …Doing IEF – NTB …CMA Test 2 …Shity Day …… Sad Next Week …Busy….MAKO …My Home Pics Disclosed! …ARGH~ !!!!Not in the mood …Busy, Must Study FMGT …Prawn Mee Feast Pics Yay !Exams R OVER!!!! But I’m Tired …I’m Really Really Lazy ….I’m back …No Mood …East Coast Chalet Pics, Lots To Say …Home Pics Heh …Hm Dun Feel Like Having Screenshots Tonight …I’m Watchin AnimesReflectionsDurians Approaching, Full Speed Ahead!Please Visit vPOST Booth @ NP, Orchard Road!3TB12 East Coast Park Bonding Day …Busy week … over soon YAY!Damn quick post …Tired … But Happy~Dinner @ SizzlerOut For Wedding Dinner …Need to study for EM paperDamn Desk Light’s SpoiltPani Poni Dash! Ep6 + Thailand Trip RamblingsVery very very busy tonight … sorryNo Mai Otome Tonight Gomen.Cos I Dun Feel Like It …The Reasons Why I Don’t Like To Talk.Help! I Can’t Feel My Legs Anymore!=DShort Post Cos I’m Damn Tired …Malaysia Trip MusingLAM Local Attraction + KTV + SMM Project Trips MusingsMum’s Prawn Mee Pics~Becos I’m Lazy.Chalet @ Pasir RisXmas Buffet~Goodbye All.Sardine/Tuna Puffs!What Are The Keys To Your Heart?My Feelings About My Family -UNEDITED-SianzationTrip To Little IndiaLong Day Musing …I Finally Cried + First Anniversary of akayuki’s Anime/Manga BlogHappy Chinese New Year Eve 2006!In My Cousins’ House XDDragon & Lion Dance!~Seriously Dying From Work Overload.Love Letter + YanZi SK Ad On Life!My To Do List 1BBQ + YanZi SK Jewellery A3 Size BrochureMy To Do List 2My To Do List 4 + BPC PPTI’m Sick Of U + My To Do List 5My To Do List 6My To Do List 7My Exam Timetable 1My Exam Timetable 2How To Make Chocolate Brownies In a Day LOLWestern Food =)…Chocolate Ahoy! Goodbye BB.I Love 3B12/14 2006 =]A Little TripFood Again Heh 1Going To Malaysia …Back From Malaysia …Cameron Highlands Day 14/16 3B14 2006 Outing – This Is The 300th Post!Cameron Highlands Day 2Happy 15th Birthday Chuz Ball!Holy Crap …Cameron Highlands Day 3My Last Sem In Poly Results …Oops.To African Grey Parrot Lovers =)My African Grey Pics 1How To Bake Handmade Cereal Chocolate Chip Cookies20 Things You Don’t Know About MeWhee Happy Mothers’ Day To All Mothers!Thailand – Chiang Mai Trip, Day 1Thailand – Chiang Mai Trip, Day 2Thailand – Chiang Mai Trip, Day 3Thailand – Chiang Mai Trip, Day 4akayuki @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony 2006Malaysia Genting Highlands Trip Day 1 and 2Singapore Botanic GardensWE LIVE IN SINGAPURA the MTV versionMaitake My-Hime Doujinshi Page 11,12 + New Desktop, AAD-chanStrawberry Panic! Novel Volume 3 [END] + 500th PostMerry Christmas To All! [2006]Second Anniversary of IchigoYuriHappy Chinese New Year Eve! [2007]YanZi’s 10th Album, ‘Ni Guang’ Is OUT Today!!!akayuki’s Celebrity Look-Alikes – Try it!Random Fanfics Recommendationsakayuki’s Nokia N95 + akayuki sings Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~Happy 42nd Birthday, Singapore!Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007China – Haikou aka Hainan Tripakayuki’s not very otaku? cornerHappy 15th Birthday Fish!Merry Christmas! [2007]Random Thoughts 1Random Thoughts 2Random Thoughts 3[CD] 小坂りゆ, Kosaka Riyu – every struggleJoin Us At Skype!My Mummy    

Have Fun~!

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