Boring saturday …

[Posted @ 10.13 PM]
Yep, tonight is so boring, nothing much except i watched some animes i downloaded last night muahahaha… hmm i watched Jinki : Extend Ep2.. yep it was fun.. Aoba is cute haha, love her purple eyes and yes i’m a sucker for purple stuff nowadays after watch Kannazuki no Miko..~ Himeko has purple eyes too! Woo~

I re-read Kaguya Hime again, it’s in chinese so i need time to digest haha.. it all makes abit sense to me now yep yep … and yeah i need to study my CMA and BLaw… test on thurs and fri.. aw sad. Then HRM on mon?! Moigod, i dunno wat the hell to study actually except to crap all those “How Life Should Work” crappy haha… and FMGT on tues.. FMGT is fine, i quite like it.. yepz.. CMA SUCKS i tell u, SUCKS to da core, i DUN UNDERSTAND a single tutorial/lecture for these past eh.. 6-7 weeks, i think i juz slack there like a moron for 2hrs….
wooo my current fave song is playing! Uta Kata’s ending song! Itsuka Tokeru Namida, it’s juz so niceeeeeeeeee~ i love the bass violin playing behind at the chorus wooo so nice.. very touching… as for the anime.. i dunno wat to say haha… it’s plain dumb? Haha.. kinda dark abit as well …
The only anime i REALLY enjoy was probably only Kannazuki no Miko …. haha NO COMPLAINS! Wooo~
well except for the ending, they didnt show Chikane’s face hahaa.. WHY?! After that, i want an OVA of what happened to them muahaha…
okok time to go watch another anime! Yay Maria-Sama ga Miteru Ep13 sub is finally out!
cya cya cya~

PS: Thanks to Sock Wai for helping me change the outlook, i dunno whether it looks better or not now… bleh who cares, i do it for myself… i can keep a diary/blog/journal watever too! haha..

[Signing off @ 10:48 PM]

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