Confirm die, i tell ya …

[Posted @ 10:49 PM]
I FREAKING flunked today’s HRM test…, i went out of point on 3 questions out of 5 questions… confirm die de i tell ya. *Re-test, here i come!* Hahaha, i’m so gonna be a regular at the re-test week…
So tonight i’m so gona study FMGT… haiz.. hope i can do the calculations haha.. it’s in the darn, hot, stuffy sports hall… manz, i hate doing maths in hot stuffy places, i can’t concentrate!!!! I will be busy fanning myself instead of writing then my mind goes, “I’m darn hot, i’m darn hot, i’m darn FREAKING HOT!!!” … then blank. Paper blank. Marks zero. hahaha…

Oh yeah, i downloaded a new title scanlation today yay, Gekka no Kimi, it’s a nice one, the background story is about this boy named Hikaru. He fell in love with his stepmother who is only a few years older than him, it was a forbidden love…wooo.. haha. Then he went around playing with women and bedding women who can replace his stepmother. Then one day, he met this girl, Murasaki who looks alot like his stepmother and yeah he married her, Murasaki was so hurt when she realized she is nothing but a replacement and also hurt for Hikaru’s flirtatious ways. In the end, he also had some nights with his stepmother yeah… hurting Murasaki even more.
So the story continues with his afterlife, this guy named Hazuki was the reincanation of Hikaru, and a girl named Shuu is the reincanation of the girl, Murasaki.. they once again met and fell in love with each other … but there is one problem with Hazuki… he shakes like a lamb whenever he touches a girl … so he kinda hurt Shuu each time he rejected her or misunderstandings and stuff
Haha, it’s kinda funny but dark at the same time, cos Hazuki is living the sin of Hikaru… sad … and touching romance between Hazuki and Shuu …
Haha, i was screenshooting and editing screenshots of Mai Hime Ep15 juz now, yeah below are the screenshots, the 4-9 shots are in tribute to Alyssa and Miyu…

What Did Cha Just Said?! Ready? Go Himes! Whoa, Kagutsuchi!
Alyssa And Miyu Part 1 One Should Not Exist In This World. Alyssa And Miyu Part 2
Kawaii Alyssa~ Alyssa And Miyu Part 3 Alyssa And Miyu Part 4 [END]

Basically the ep is about the Himes coming together and fighting against Alyssa, Miyu and company… Alyssa and Miyu lost when Kagutsuchi kinda evolved? Not sure, and destroys Alyssa’s child and. Mai lived of course, i heard her voice on ep16’s preview hahaha.. and boy the preview was fun! Look up for next ep screenshots! Yeah, i will be screenshooting every 3-4 days if i’m free of the sub animes i watch everyday heh…
Cya, need ta study for FMGT for till 3 AM … manzzzz…

[Signing off @ 12:06 AM]

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