I’m back …

[Posted @ 10:25 PM]
I’m actually back, but i’m tired and lazy to screenshoot and post any screenshots … tomorrow k? My friend and i took some pics, yeah gotta post them tomorrow … haha … and maybe also an anime screenshots too … see first ba, i go read fanfics to keep me awake so can watch Last Exile and Shaman King at 11pm later … then BED TIME!! DAMN TIRED!

I slept like only 4hrs ba … It’s so darn hot! Got air-con macham like no freaking air-con, tat’s one thing i hate most, sleeping in a freaking hot environment … cold i can stay, snowing i even can stay but HOT! WARM! STEAMING! NO! … k reading time, oh yeah i bought Magister Negi Magi #5 and Mirmo Zibang #2 YAY … when i came home my bros were like rumbling through my bag like rats rumbling the dustbin … and he grabbed my Mirmo Zibang #2 and ran off to the study room and read it … -.-|||| Didn’t know he love it so much … aha kk .. read read … cya tomorrow for screenshots when i’m WELL RESTED!

[Signing off @ 10:29 PM]

By akayuki Posted in random

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