Home Pics Heh …

[Posted @ 9:55 PM]
Argh! Juz now when i wanna click Add Post, suddenly my IE show me cannot be display … so whatever i wrote was gone … im lazy to type again haiz … so here’s my home pics …

My Home. NKF Show Last Night. Burger King Coupon.
My Desk. Home Made Dough I Made. Home Made Noodles. Yum.

Yeah, im lazy to type anymore wat i typed juz now, hahaha juz my luck, i was juz rattling how much i like this song i downloaded juz now, Gundam Seed’s Ending .. yeah which is tonight’s anime song of da day. cya.
Oh yeah, b4 i forget, i wanna say a Certain Ms T spoilt my mood juz now hahaha, she told me that the date for our results is coming soon. I went -.-|||| my mood dropped. Hahaha.. cya cya

Anime Song of Da Day :
Gundam Seed – Find The Way by Nakashima Mika

[Signing off @ 10:00 PM]

PS: Whoa, it juz happened again when i posted this, luckily i got copy lol … cya

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