Cos I Dun Feel Like It …

[Posted @ 10:28 PM]
Not blogging any animes tonight cos i dun feel like it lol. My brain’s overloaded from thinking too much from today. Thinking stupid general BB questionnaire questions … then uh yeah reading the textbook, chapter 12 on values, lifestyles and blah blah blah blah blah. Wateverrrr.

Yeah so feel like sleeping after i watch Godannar later, not ever going to watch the anime that goes after it, yucks, gross, i need to clean myself ha.

Yeah, but i had fun today ba, besides doing BB, having BB tut, SMM tut … we were joking and slacking around at the same time. =)

Well cya, off to watch Pani Poni Dash Ep11 … heh.

[Signing off @ 10:32 PM]

PS: Lalalalalalalala~

By akayuki Posted in random

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