Happy Chinese New Year Eve 2006!

[Posted @ 8:59 PM]
Whoa, today’s food is a freaking spread! LoL. 4 families are coming here to eat … so a total of around 20 people are here right now lol.

We had two tables. One at the kitchen, another outside at the car garage there lol. We had table there that is for BBQ … now to see da pictures and i’m off for round 2 le lol.

Da Food 1!

Da Food 2!


BBQ Food!


Looks yummy? YEP! LOL. Having a blast … i did my stupid BB data entries juz now … 3 more to go heh.

Oh yeah i watched Fate/stay Night Ep1 and Ep2 juz now. It’s really cool heh. Quite good animation and effects. The OP is not bad … ED also not bad. The seiyuu list is great, Saber’s seiyuu is also Kannazuki no Miko’s Chikane! LoL, i love her voice XD. Then Sakura is KnM’s Himeko! Woot, the main characters of KnM are in Fate/stay Night heh. Then Rin’s seiyuu is Mikan from Gakuen Alice and Yumi From Marimite! The most ‘God-I-Can’t-Believe-That-Is-HER-VOICE?!’ Award goes to Miki Itou, seiyuu of Taiga Fujimura aka Fuji-nee in Fate/stay Night cos she’s also seiyuu for Sachiko in Marimite!!! God, if you watched Marimite, u should know that Sachiko’s voice is calm, cool and collected. So Ojou-sama like. But in Fate/stay Night, it’s like a complete DIFFERENT person!!! LoL, sooo cool! I was damn shocked.

After that, i watched Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku Ep1 too … eh let’s cut short to Kagihime k? LoL. It’s not bad la .. animation … not up to Kaishaku’s standard but acceptable ba. The ideal of unlocking the heart by poking the large key in the middle of the hearts of the Alice Users are really cool. Hahaha, but it’s kinda ecchi la … the Alice Users being ‘unlocked’ by the key will be going ‘Iyaaa … don’t~ Don’t see it …’ LoL. But overall it’s ok, i kinda like.

After watching Kagihime, i watched an Ep of Pani Poni Dash! Ep12 … lol funny. In Himeko’s dream … it’s so weird and funny haha.

Ok, gotta go cya.

[Signing off @ 9:12 PM]

PS: Lalalalala … food food food!

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