In My Cousins’ House XD

[Posted 8:48 PM]
Hahaha, now i’m stealing goodness knows who’s connection … so i’m online lol. Like i give a damn XD.

My cousins are going on broadband not wireless but luckily someone around this place got wireless so i’m juz ‘borrowing’ the connection and blogging and going online heh.

Hahaha, we lao yu sheng juz now, got children and adult section lol then my 3 stupid cousins threw the watever crap inside on the floor … bunch of morons lol. Waste the food … anyways then we had our dinner … i had 4-5 chicken wings lol. Sooo yummy. Too bad i didn’t bring my cam … if not i take pic sia hahaha. But how i know here got connection.

I juz wanted to interview my uncle then key in the data on the spot so that i no need to key in when i go home later … hahaha … lazy me XD. Finally finished doing the data entries for BB … sigh after tomorrow … go to sch, gonna work on the class BPC presentation, SMM report and IB Walmart PPT le. Manz.

But i had fun la, sleep till 1pm these two days with my parents, watching tv with them and chat with them ha. Then we go Bai Nian at around 3-4pm lol. Anyways … i wanna go watch animes … i watched Naruto with my cousins juz now then also Kagihime juz now …

I wanna watch Blood+ now … so that i can blog tomorrow heh … or i watch tomorrow then blog tomorrow … i go watch Pani Poni Dash! ba … aha. Cya.

[Signing off @ 9:08 PM]

PS: Manz, juz now dc lol … being evil doesn’t pay i guess lol.

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