Western Food =)

[Posted @ 11:17 PM]
Toldja i’ll post the pics later right? Here i am now lol. Fast one k. I wanna go read fanfics le lol.

Here’s my aunt’s plate …


My lil bro’s plate with the German Sausages … it’s quite nice la but the taste is pretty strong … i ate halfway then i can’t finish le … if not i’ll puke lol.


Ah, i wanna say you know the winner for Channel U’s SuperHost that was tonight is my relative? My grandfather’s brother’s daughter … lol. 性林的 [Xing Lin De] le lol.

Anyways, gtg cya.

PS: I’m going to miss ya too HQ =) Also 3B14 … glad we have grown pretty close even though we knew each other for only less than a year … the last year in a school is always so memorable and hard to forget =). [Like when i was sec 4 in NVSS … i made the best friends in my life XD and also for pri 6 in PYPS haha]

[Signing off @ 11:27 PM]

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