A Little Trip

[Posted @ 8:22 PM]
This post is about the little trip LC and i had this afternoon lol. I wasn’t awake till 12 noon cos LC called me, then mum called me up. So i got up and she told me i forgot to give her the printed resume she asked me to print. So i met her at 2 PM at Tampines to give it to her.

So i bathed, sat 171 to North Point to buy my mangas … 6 of them, Mirmo Zibang #9, X #16, Fruits Basket #16, My Fair Lady #3, MAR #3 and Full Metal Alchemist #4. Then sat 969 to Tampines Interchange. I was reading MAR #3 while waiting for LC. When she arrived, we went to BK for lunch. I had the ‘Student Meal’ [LOL], Chicken Sandwich, while LC had the ‘Pick a Snack’, Onion Rings. We chatted and talked about stuff =).

After that, we went to YYY house in Tampines LOL. I asked LC if i could talked about this before we went home. She was ok with it, but i think it’s better not. =). I juz briefly say la, ok we sat this stupid bus number ??? lol to YYY’s house but we sat the ‘wrong’ bus. LC went to ask the bus driver, he said there’s a sign for buses number ??? which will go a loop to interchange. So we so LUCKY that we sat the bus with the loop. After looping back to interchange, luckily LC asked the bus driver again and we sat the wrong one again!!! LOL. This time, we should wait at the busline with the bus number ??? with the YELLOW SIGN lol. We waited at the GREEN SIGN. I was freaking pissed lor, what stupid sign la, juz put the bus number ???E or ???Z wat! So easy. Yellow and Green sign, how the hell we know sia.

Nevertheless, we safely got to YYY’s flat. Hanged around for a while. Then left. That’s all i can say hahaha. I dun wanna say much.

Cya. Next post!

[Signing off @ 8:41 PM]

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