Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 [3]

[Posted @ 9:19 PM]
My bros and i are going crazy in the study room lol. We’re playing the same tracks [If you want to know, it’s T.M Revolution’s INVOKE] using different computers … [PC speakers and lappy speakers] at the same time then got this echoy and double bass effect LOL. So cool.

Haha. Ok, on to Page 7 and 8 of Tour’s Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 k? I know you guys are waiting for this hehehehehe. And i happen to feel so evil tonight to make you guys wait till … hm let’s see till i return from Malaysia next thursday for the last two pages? Muahahahaha.

That is … until … i hear ya begging for more … then i might consider posting it on this Sunday night before i leave (>.<) …

Page 7.

Page 8.

Bought mangas again =), My Fair Lady #4, Mai HiME #4, MAR #4 and Fushigi Yuugi #14. I took quite a long time to finish reading My Fair Lady #3 [Took me two mornings lol] cos it’s thicker than #1,2 and 4. I haven’t opened the cover of #4 yet … but i read MAR #4 and Fushigi Yuugi #14 le. MAR is a nice read, Fushigi Yuugi too, but i got this ‘DIE DAMN YOU MIAKA!’ feeling lol. But i melt when i saw Hotohori again … although it’s just a few pages … sigh, so nice XD.

I’m saving Fruits Basket #17, My Fair Lady #4, Mai HiME #4 and Mirmo Zibang #9 for my trip. I will get bored there, no doubt. So 4 books for … 4 days. Heh.

Hmmm, what else … oh i basically slacked for the few days and got lazy to blog. I like reading fanfics and catching up on my animes. =) such a great feeling. Cos, there’s nothing for me anymore. [Sounds a little sad haha] There’s no countdown to when the school holidays will end, there’s no holiday homework and projects nor outings.

Sometimes a short outing with friends, bros, parents … but not too long. I like my home. That’s why i can’t imagine how i’m going to cope living in a HDB flat … haha. Really, i think i’ll go crazy. I mean i can do a 11 seconds shuttle run back and fro here but HDB flat … how can, can but bang the wall la lol.

Hmmm, my daily routine … to vote for YanZi whenever i’m online haha for every 5 mins, even when i’m watching tv, i’ll rush back to lappy and vote haha. Sometimes voting into the night like 2-3 AM … and stupid votes ain’t moving. Damn. from 12 noon vote till 2-3 AM … still around that range but at least it’s constant la. Hahaha, didn’t have a drastic drop, if not i heart attack sia, hope it stays that way till April 28th … then i’ll be grinning the whole of May hahaha.

I seriously have nothing in mind … i’m juggling between blogging, reading fanfics and voting … so … i’ll stop here for now =). [That’s why i took a hour hahaha. I’m not a really slow typer]

Remember B-E-G. LoL.

I was just joking.



[Signing off @ 10:13 PM]

PS: Oh no, my bros and i are going to replay Grandia II again! Ahhhh, but it’s kinda fun heh heh heh.

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