My Last Sem In Poly Results …

[Posted @ 9:12 PM]
Forgot to post it … ha. Here’s my results. Far most the BEST results ever. My dream of straight Bs … never came true. However it’s better than i thought hahaha.



RESULT : Passed and completed the diploma course

Aw manz, dun think i can get into University le … sianz. But however, yes, i was so shocked that i got AD for International Business. Never in my little life that i would THINK that of all that i would score would be International Business lol. Firstly, cos i didn’t sleep on the night before the paper and wasn’t in top condition. Maybe my hands just moved on its own and wrote on its own =O lol i was half-asleep [Will i get whacked by those who studied so hard for it? LoL] half of the time but this was the only paper i managed to finish all the questions. Thinking back, i managed to get As for those IT related modules and i did fairly well in the projects and stuff but to my dismay i got only A or A+ for them. So i was thinking, ‘Wah, my another little dream of scoring at least ONE AD in my poly life can never be achieved le.’ But no, life threw [And i gladly embraced it] an AD with an International Business attached to it. Ha. Such a big joke.

Ironically, I got an A+ for my Basic Japanese Conversational module somemore. A module that i really placed my heart and soul into … i memorized the katakana … hiragana … word for word and re-wrote the letter i pre-wrote over 10 times … even when i was on the bus to school lol. Oh i forgot to even say i was late for the test somemore lol but i finished everything fast and was the second one to get out of the exam room lol. Dammit. Reckon someone was more passionate about Japanese more than me out there huh.

Anyways cut the crap. I’m happy that i finally got AD and my straight Bs … HEH =) Great mood but was spoilt by the stupid internet connection. I was hanging on to the studyroom’s PC ‘The House of The Dead 2’ and ‘Grandia II’ for life support lol. I can’t live without lappy and internet access. So i tried to get my mind off by staying in the studyroom. Called Singnet this early afternoon then the internet came back for 1-2 hours then the internet light went out on me again. I almost yelled ‘Fuck’ out loud. After that i called again at around 6 PM … the guy’s pretty helpful, told me to check my lines and stuff … now it’s ok. But i fear the next time i switch off the modem … it will be back to haunt me again! NOOOOO!

Manz. I hate it. Anyways, Tours Mai Hime Doujinshi tomorrow =) yay. If the connection is working that is.

[Signing off 9:33 PM]

PS: Cross ya fingers for tomorrow. Wanna blame, blame singnet lol.

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