YanZi SK Jewellery Advertisement @ LIFE! & PostCard

[Posted @ 10:43 PM]
Woot, i’m glad mum’s a member of SK Jewellery =) cos she got a promotion postcard from SK Jewellery yay =).

SK Jewellery Promotion PostCard.

Nice desou? =)

Next surprise … when reading today’s Straits Time Life! Yeah, located on the back of April 8th 2006’s LIFE! newspaper =) Nice.

SK Jewellery Advertisement @ LIFE.

Watched Pretty Cure on Kids Central this afternoon … after watching for a while … and at the Pretty Cure Merchandises advertisements … lol i suddenly said … ‘Manz, it’s Pretty Lame.’ My bro replied ‘Yeah hahaha, PRETTY Lame.’ Not that the show is not good but … it’s ok la … the art is nice … and i just don’t like dubs … sounds fake and i would rather there’s no subtitles with jap audio lol rather than dubs. It just sounds better and flows better. But i’ll be watching it anyways, cos i used to want to watch it … but got lazy … so if it’s on TV, i’ll watch it for the heck of it.

Hm, didn’t do much today … haha, recently it’s been raining at around 4 PM – 5 PM in Singapore … it’s like a freaking routine! What’s next? Raining snowballs?

Ah, i wanna do a music review post tonight. So next post plz!

[Signing off @ 11:13 PM]

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