To African Grey Parrot Lovers =)

[Posted @ 9:17 PM]
Saw this cute and smart talking Congo African Grey Parrot video clip and i can’t control my hands but want to share with all you guys out there =)

Oh btw, those who knows me, yeah my two parrots i’ve always been saying are African Grey Parrots [Juz like the one in the video clip =) There’re two species, one is Congo and Timneh, mine’s Congo with deep red tails. Timneh are the kinds with darker maroon tails], ahh, can’t wait for my parrots to be able to talk like that lol. I’ve gotta buck up!

[Signing off 9:21 PM]

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One comment on “To African Grey Parrot Lovers =)

  1. Glad you shared that video! That was very cute. I have 2 Congo Grays and a Timneh. Mine are nowhere near that responsive. Still, they are the best animal companions I have had in my home. I could not imagine life without them.

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