YanZi Merchandises 1

[Posted @ 9:26 PM]
In case there’s a second subject, so i’ll just put [1] for the moment lol. There’ll surely be more YanZi Merchandises to come XD WHEE!

Yesterday, CCC from YanZiUnlimited was selling some YanZi posters too, but i no money le lol, need to buy manga, buy hard drive, buy PC and make my bank account look ‘rich’ LOL. Sigh. Anyways, here’s some stuff i bought from him a long time ago lol and got it just yesterday.

Pamphlets For OSIM 1. Pamphlets For OSIM 2.

YanZi Fan. Goodies.

In this bag of goodies, there’s a YanZi T-Shirt, YanZi KeyChains, YanZi Handphone KeyChain, YanZi Landyard, YanZi Metallic Stick-On, YanZi ‘The Moment’ Envelopes and YanZi WristBands.

Cool eh? I might wear the T-Shirt when i go out hahaha. XD. I’m proud to be a YanZi fan =].

[Signing off @ 9:38 PM]

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