20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

[Posted 5:00 PM]
I seriously am BORED and LAZY to do any more stuff. Anyways.


We’re going to some CC later to celebrate Mothers’ Day XD … Anyways, on to the subject, 20 Things You Don’t Know About Me,

20. In case you don’t know, I’m a Kampong Girl.
19. The time i started cheating really hard in spelling tests and exams was when i was Primary 5 and 6.
18. However, i never cheated when i was in kindergarden even though i was accused to be.
17. I was spanked by a teacher on the palm in front of the class when i was Primary 2 for leaving the classroom without permission.
16. From then, i swore to myself to never grow up to be a teacher.
15. I forged my mother’s signature not once, not twice but around 5-6 times when i failed my spelling tests in primary school.
14. I was caught, sent out of my house 4-5 times lol.
13. I tried to leave home once because of that. [Li Jia Chu Zou]
12. But i turned back home when i reached the main road.
11. I killed a chicken with my bare hands by throwing it, saw it choked, coughing out blood and slowly died.
10. I cried after that, learnt that life is so fragile and cursed myself that my death will be the same as the chicken.
9. I dunno how i did it but when my friend in primary school had her first period, i was the one who guided her, comforted her in the toilet and asked her to go home when i haven’t even had my first menstruation. [A woman’s intuition?]
8. The first crush i had was a girl. [She’s really cool. I think she joined Miss Singapore Universe once heh.]
7. The first guy crush i had was a BIG jerk. [Till now i still regret it, i don’t know what the freak i saw in him. Ok, maybe because he’s handsome.]
6. I tried to kill myself once by slitting my wrist because i was depressed.
5. I didn’t do it, because i’m a coward.
4. I used to like Fann Wong.
3. Now i don’t, in fact, i hate her lol.
2. I don’t think i’m capable of loving another person because i’m too selfish.
1. I have a split personality.

LoL, it’s fun. Maybe i should do this kinda stuff more.

[Signing off 5:10 PM]

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