Help In Making This Strawberry Panic Pic Into A Wallpaper

[Posted @ 10:51 PM]
Oh yes, is there anyone good in photoshop or making wallpapers? I really liked this Strawberry Panic! picture of Shizuma hugging Nagisa possessively and Shizuma’s eyes, *Swoons* whoa sooo stunning~~! It’s like she’s saying ‘Hands off, she’s MINE!!!! Roar!!!’ LOL. So cute.

So, I’m thinking of combining the two pics together, as you can see, it’s scanned from a book and it’s not really well scanned, the middle wasn’t that ‘complete’ so when I tried to cut and paste them together, it looks weird … and crooked. I can’t do it right so can anyone pleeease help? If you could make it, please email it to me [My email address is at the bottom of the page], I wanna use it as my lappy Wallpaper XD.

Strawberry Panic! Wallpaper.

Update: A kind soul helped me make this into a wallpaper XD, so I’m sharing it to everyone here. – End of Update –

Thanks in advance then XD.

Oh yeah, I finally got the Mandarin version of Strawberry Panic! manga, Chapter 10 … so expect them tomorrow XD.

[Signing off @ 11:05 PM]

5 comments on “Help In Making This Strawberry Panic Pic Into A Wallpaper

  1. i could i guess… i have repair raws maybe i will try it outyeah Shizuma hugging Nagisa is the best~ i’m doing one wallpaper for SP now but not sure when it will be done as i have not much free time

  2. to denper, read the disclaimer, I got my scans [raws and mandarin] from Yamibo. If you read the rules of the forum, it’s really bad to just direct link jeffng9, it’s okay someone did it for me XD, now I’m a proud owner of a beautiful SP wallpaper yay.

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