Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Woot~, went to Singapore Botanic Gardens this afternoon … Dad went there for some event not sure what haha, then the rest of us walked around at the garden … for an hour plus. Here’s the pictures I took there.

Nice. Rain Tree. A Map Of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Many many trees~

Where Would You Like To Go?

Cactus Garden!

Cactus. Cactus Again. Dunno LoL.

Walk around aimlessly …

Bonsai. Symphony Stage. Swan!!!

To the Swan Lake!!!~

Waterfall. Gingers. National Orchid Garden.

… It became dark pretty soon … time to go home.

Walked for a hour plus, now I’m so freaking tired haha … went to Newton Circus to have the XO Minced Meat Noodles … not that special after all, I prefer the Fishball noodles back in my place~ Cheap, 5 fishballs and yummy noodles. Oh, I passed my Final Theory Test XD, went for my first practical lesson yesterday … wah a little scary at first but it was ok, the engine went dead on me twice. Haha.

I thought for the first lesson I won’t be driving but no, after the instructor explained the engines, controls, pedals and stuff, he told me, ok now you sit on the driver’s seat. I went O_O?! HAHAHA. My expression was probably priceless as I sat there stunned in the passenger’s seat. Then he told me to depress the clutch pedal and shift into first gear, I was like, what, we are really going to move the darn car?! LoL but it was ok, I got a little trouble when reversing though … argh that’s the first time the engine went dead on me and I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE! LOL till the instructor told me to start the engine again ahaha.

The second time was when I’m going around the circuit then I stumbled when shifting into second gear argh, I think I let go of the clutch pedal too fast and didn’t step the accelerator pedal fast enough … then it jerked for a moment and stopped haha. It was fun … looking forward to second practical lesson =).

That’s all I guess … sleepy … must sleep.

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3 comments on “Singapore Botanic Gardens

  1. Runte said…It’s a waste of money and time to just come look that ^^;There ain’t really any tourist attractions here.. But the nature is green and beautiful :)And as they say, we have SantaClaus over here 8DDD

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