Strawberry Panic! Novel Volume 2

[Posted @ 5:00 PM]
As promised, here’s the cover, coloured pages and previews images in Strawberry Panic! Novel Volume 2.


I DO NOT scan, so I don’t claim ANY credits for the scans I’ve posted, I got them from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where I got my scans again.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Strawberry Panic! Page section, thanks.


Page 1.

Page 2.

Page 3.

Kusanagi Makoto. Small Previews.

EDIT: A new character, Kusanagi Makoto was introduced in the Novel and probably in the Manga too in later chapters perhaps? Makoto is from St Spica Institute, 5th Grade, Trois* Class. *Trois = Three In French. She’s also in the same class as Amane, from what I could make out from the Japanese introduction in the novel, [Can’t say for sure I’m correct] ‘After graduating from Junior High, Makoto went aboard for studies. Now she’s back to take back the glory she used to have before she went aboard. Makoto sees Amane and Hikari [couple] as a threat.’ I think it’s around that meaning ba haha.

Yaya strikes again in one of the preview images =O, second row, third picture in case you haven’t notice -.-||| haha. Amane, you better buck up!

Alright, since I’m in a good ok mood, I’ve uploaded bigger dimension pages containing pictures from the Novel [Those you see in the preview] in Megaupload. So enjoy =). Click here.

[Signing off @ 6:00 PM]

19 comments on “Strawberry Panic! Novel Volume 2

  1. Hurhurrhurr.The picture when yaya is about to do something to hikari, reminds me so much of the episode when they kissed xD*happy fan girl moment*OKAYThanks for the scans~ You rock.

  2. thanks for the upload. I do hope Amane and Hikari can end up together. I’m just wondering which couples do you root for because i cant tell…heheheLove AMANE/HIKARI

  3. to anonymous, eh I don’t think so, there’re stuff about other characters too … like the students from St Miator, St Lulim and other characters in St Spica too. to nova, being an Amane x Hikari, I was dismayed by the preview lol … but nevertheless, I’m happy for you … oh did you see the picture after that? Amane and Hikari were hugging each other!!! Like as if their secret rendezvous was found out by Makoto LoL. *evil grin*to ch37, you’re welcome and I do so hope so too XD. Well, I’m a Nagisa x Shizuma, Chikaru x Tamao, Amane x Hikari, Tsubomi x Yaya, Kizuna x Lemon, Ashibaru x Kagome [GASP!] supporter XD.

  4. Thank you akayuki for sharing these great pictures. I loved the first photo in the first row(the last one beside Kasunagi Makoto), it makes me think really a lot ^.^

  5. oh yeah another thing! if u ever upload stuff can u upload at rapidshare or any other places? XDi’m not sure why but megaupload for asia download is always in full usage ^^’

  6. XO im desperate…i do not speak english very well (cuz im Mexican) but….kanji???..oh my 😦 i hope that someone could write a summarythanxxx 4 the link..AKAYUKI im U’r FAN!

  7. to kai shi, 2nd hand? You mean the Japanese version? has them (re-sellers as well at ¥50 not including shipping charges).If you meant the English version, try US But the re-sellers there are freaking ripping off people there because it's out of stock >:| US$100 for Volume 2!? Tch. And Volume 3 is not coming out cos Seven Seas thinks it's not profitable to continue the novel line anymore.

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