[Drama CD] TV Animation LOVELESS Character Drama CD Volume 4

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Actually the drama cd’s already out on 25th August 2006, here’s your friendly amazon link.

Japanese Title : TVアニメーション LOVELESS キャラクタードラマCD第4巻
English Title : TV Animation LOVELESS Character Drama CD Volume 4

Loveless Drama CD 1.
Loveless Drama CD 2.

CD Tracks:

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. Bonus Track [The Casts of Loveless Character Drama CD Volume 4]

Don’t think I’m going to summarize the tracks … cos I don’t really understood more than half the content haha. I really like the art of both the anime and the manga XD as for the story … while it’s complicated haha.

Anyways, I could only provide a little teaser from one of the tracks;
In a scene, Yamato praised Kouya that she looks cute in her work uniform, then she asked Kouya for a kiss, at first Kouya wasn’t so sure cos they were at their part-time job place. In the end they almost did but the store owner called for Yamato and Yamato left, leaving Kouya saying to herself ‘Keh, just a little bit more.’ LOL.

Later, the store owner told the girls to welcome the customers. Kouya’s voice was like ‘Welcome’ in a rather dead-pan soft tone, the store owner was like ‘Louder!!’, Kouya did the same dead-pan tone again, a little forceful and louder lol. It’s really cute XD.


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7 comments on “[Drama CD] TV Animation LOVELESS Character Drama CD Volume 4

  1. I’m a HUGE Loveless fan so I scored big. I don’t understand all of it, but I get a general idea on what’s going on in the CD <3As for Anonymous 3: I already got that drama CD and understood 20% of it. Translations or summaries would be nice. But since the PS2 game comes with a Drama CD, I wanna get the game! T_T

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