Mai Otome Zwei OAV Trailer

[Posted @ 4:00 PM]
舞-乙HiME Zwei [Mai Otome Zwei] OAV Trailer is out~ Click pictures to view bigger dimensions.

Mai Otome Zwei OAV. Arika. Mai.
Mashiro. Miyu. Nao.
Mai MATERIALISE. Chie. Haruka And Company.
Arika. Note: Arika. MORE SHIZNATS!!! Hot Swimsuits Storm Mai Otome AGAIN!

Shizuru-sama~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I’ve uploaded it in youtube, so enjoy the link. I’m not going to supply any direct links nor entertain any requests for links. Thanks.

[Signing off @ 4:10 PM]

7 comments on “Mai Otome Zwei OAV Trailer

  1. Thank you very much :)Oh and happy birthday! I’m late sorry ^^’We were born the same day (in fact I’m older ^^’) but I have forgotten T.T. Shame on me…Anyways, thank you for all you do ^^

  2. to seth, ehhhh they look quite the same to me … at least for Shizuru-sama’s Runte, it’s abt time the trailer came out … juz a month more … to anonymous, Mai Hime is Mai Hime, Mai Otome is Mai Otome, different time period all together. to natsu, really? Happy belated birthday to you then anonymous, time passes fast … by the time you knew it =).

  3. Short synbiosis:”It has been half a year since the threat of the Harmonium was defeated and each Otome has gone to chase her respective dream. The Pearl Otome Irina has, with help from Yohko, recovered a technology that could resurrect Erstin, which she intends to use in order to salvage the lost time with her deceased friend. Unfortunately for her, the use of such technology is forbidden. Meanwhile, the Otome and the Aswad have joined forces for an attack on the headquarters of Schwarz.”That was taken from AniDB

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