[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Volume 2

[Posted @ 1:55 PM]
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Japanese Title : ストロベリー・パニック! 2 (コミック) by 公野 櫻子 (著), たくみ なむち (イラスト)
English Title : Strawberry Panic! #2 (Comic) Story by Kimino Sakurako, Art by Takumi Namuchi

Strawberry Panic! Volume 2 Cover.

Hate to admit it but the cover’s hot. Argh lol. Volume 2 consist of Chapter 7 to the current Chapter 12. So um, see ya later for Otoboku Ep4 summary =).

Updates in my schedule this week again~;
– Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora Trailer, 2/11/2006
– Venus Versus Virus Drama CD Special – 2/11/2006
– Urahime doujinshi – LAST PAGE, 3/11/2006
– Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl Ep13/OVA – 4/11/2006
– SP Drama CD, Spica Part 1 – 5/11/2006 [If I don’t get lazy]
– Negima!? Haru OVA summary – 10/11/2006
– SP Drama CD, Spica Part 2 – 11/11/2006

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8 comments on “[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Volume 2

  1. haha, I’m alright wing of light, thank for ur concern =), juz feeling a little disorientated this week, usually I planned the posts in my mind … haha.to anonymous, cos they’re hot lol and even hotter if they’re not wearing XD.

  2. Hey i just heard that Dynasty might stop scanlating Sto-Pani manga, because their translator just quit from this job. I hope someone will continue translating. Maybe you can aAkayuki?

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