Tours Mai Hime Volume 7 Doujinshi Page 7,8,9,10

[Posted @ 9:02 PM]
It’s been like what, 3 months since I last posted some Doropanda Tours ShizNat doujinshi?


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more ‘Real’ cos I like it lol.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, I got the scans from Yamibo. The author of this doujinshi is ‘Doropanda Tours’ hence I don’t claim ANY credits for it.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 7. Page 8.
Page 9. Page 10.

Wowie, it’s been a long time and 4 pages at once phew … just 6 pages more to go. I plan to finish Raku-Gun Negima! Doujinshi by this week and start posting with Kannazuki no Miko Doujinshi, ‘Broken Mirror’ straight after that.

There’s this KAWAII~ Chibi-Neko ChikanexHimeko Doujinshi titled ‘Aoi Tsuki to Taiyou To’ by Kaishaku that I’m tempted to pick up but it’s pretty ecchi and the translations I had ain’t so clear … but I’m thinking of releasing it as one big zip file like what I did to the 18+ Mai Otome Urahime Doujinshi. It’s going to take a while though, like a month or more? So what are your thoughts?

Here’s a teaser for the KnM ‘Broken Mirror’ Doujinshi;

Kannazuki no Miko Doujinshi, Broken Mirror DJ Teaser.

Oh yeah, anyone knows what happened to Strawberry Panic! Manga? More specifically, Chapter 15 … what happened to it!? It’s not in the May issue of Dengeki G’s Mag … dammit dammit, it’s been 3 months, did I missed some news about it?

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8 comments on “Tours Mai Hime Volume 7 Doujinshi Page 7,8,9,10

  1. Dude IM THE SAME PERSON WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT THE SONG.. and now its gone.. and im really really sad… ;_; WAHHHH HHWHAHASDLGJASLG;SDKJSKDG. Sorry if i influenced your judgment I TAKE IT BACK! GUCI GUCI BY YANZI IS AWESOMENESS IN A BOTTLE!

  2. yay!!! i’ve been looking forward for the shiznats doujinshis and ofcourse starving for KDM too ^^ i would loved to see that doujinshi of chikane/himeko@.@ thanks for all the hard work!!waiting for the good news^^

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