Mai Otome Zwei OVA 3 Trailer

[Posted @ 10:00 PM]
Still feeling sicky and … pukey.

Mai Otome Zwei OVA 3. Nao And Nina. Dark Fumi VS Nao.
Arika In Hot Spring!? Along With Maya. Nao To The Rescue!
Is It Finally For Akane And Kazuya!? Hohoho. Midori And Rad.
Mikotos!? Shiho, As Wacky As Ever. Erm.

Seemed like this episode’s focused on Nao and probably some Nina. =).

Will the unfortunate lovers, Akane and Kazuya finally get to get together!?

[Signing off @ 10:15 PM]

One comment on “Mai Otome Zwei OVA 3 Trailer

  1. Awwe it looks like Arika has Nina’s hair style. sooo cute:) I wonder if she’s going to be a “replacement” like she was for Mashiro in Mai Otome that one time. Thank you for posting these screen caps you rock! 😀

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