Soon To Be Released – Angelbox Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi – Ichigo no Tsubomi

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It’s Green Day! But … it’s kinda contradicting though hahaha … anyways it’s not the highlight for this post -.-|||.

Since I’m not blogging any anime titles cos of the lack of ‘real’ shoujo-ai/yuri developments in the recent anime titles … I’m turning my focus on translating doujinshi with real content =) … I’ve been hestitating to translate Strawberry Panic! doujinshi because of the sexual content in most of the doujinshis I read … but to the hell with it, I DID translated Doropanda Tours’ Urahime – ShizNat, this is nothing compared to that lol. So be prepared to gear yourself with tissue boxes …

Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi.

Yes, it’s Angelbox’s Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi – ‘Ichigo no Tsubomi’, it’s a Tsubomi x Yaya plot … so if you’re into Hikari x Yaya, too bad lol. I feel that Tsubomi’s more suitable for Yaya than the meek Hikari XD. As it’s another mature title, I’ll translate the whole doujinshi before I post it up on zip like what happened to Kaishaku’s Kannazuki no Miko doujinshi so it’ll take a month perhaps, it’s 26 pages so stay tune.

I might do another Strawberry Panic! doujinshi later … also Angelbox’s, but that will be Nagisa x Tamao … which I’m kinda … unwilling lol since I’m a Nagisa x Shizuma fangirl, blehhhh. It’ll depend, it’ll depend …

Well since I’m out of things to post … what should I do? I’m thinking of reviewing some nice stories in Yuri Hime magazines … or the quite recent Yuri Hime S but … Okazu already got reviews on them so … I dunno. Any suggestions?

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19 comments on “Soon To Be Released – Angelbox Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi – Ichigo no Tsubomi

  1. Anything SP pairing, I’ll take it with open eyes…please release them all..I have japanese copies and I wish to be able to read them in english…thank you akayuki-sama

  2. SP sound GREAT but pls DON’T do tamao x nagisa (They are my hatest match in history of yuri and it kill me to see them together, sorry -_-;;) just shizuma x nagisa, all the way!!!! Oh, glad to see yaya x tsubomi. They’re cute together n_n Can’t wait for the doujinshi!!!

  3. Oh come on! what’s wrong with the TxN pairing? although i don’t like it, I still don’t mind. as long as there’s something from SP. I’m tired of recent anime’s and manga…

  4. would you mind if I sent you some Doujinshi, so you can look and maybe translation if you interesting, mostly it’s from Yamibo, so it’s Chinese of course.

  5. to anonymous 1, dunno? to anonymous 2, oo.. anonymous 3, haha oo… ruby, sorry I only understand Mandarin, not Japanese so I don’t think I can translate what you have,to ri, XD, soon soon, I’m halfway through … =).to anonymous 4, I dunno, depends I guess. I juz wana see the reaction anonymous 5, sure, which ones? But I cannot confirm if I will translate them … I juz translate what I really like and think I have even resources to do so.

  6. did you see that 8 pages ShizNat Otome, shizuru came back from somewhere, Natsuki sleep on a couch, Shizuru try to kiss Natsuki and then miss Maria bla bla….,i didn’t remember who draw, maybe kaya????it’s probably be the same old ShizNat dialog but i think the picture is beautiful drawing and it’s just a short would you please translation that one, please.i can’t find url yet but i have a file if you want.

  7. Even if it is a Nagisa x Tamao manga, it’ll probably be good. Tamao would probably drug her up, or just lock her in the room and have her way with her. XD

  8. to RahZel, O_o||| that DID happened in one of some other SP DJ … lol except it’s not drugging but … drunking lol. Same with Hikari … by Yaya O_o||| not going to do that … bad bad bad!!!

  9. When are you going to upload the dj for this? I’ve been waiting to see it forever. Lol. Don’t disappoint us TsubomiXYaya fans, onegai desu! ^_^ Seems interesting from that little tidbit you put. I can’t wait to see more!

  10. i think the anime was fantastic!!!i just don’t get the last part, when she is standing by the door with her friend on the other side.her friend was saying ,(i believe)welcome back?how is the manga like anyway?

  11. As for the Nagisa x Tamao doujin, I say go for it. I’m curious. I really don’t mind as long as it is good. And If people don’t like it then they don’t have to read it.

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