Candy☆Boy [ONA] 7.39 Mins Short Clip

[Posted @ 9:51 PM]
Don’t think, there’s shoujo-ai in this! LoL. It’s an ONA aka Original Net Animation so you can catch it online via nico by clicking the thumbnail below ;

It’s twincest though haha but it’s really sweet and quite easy to understand even though the clip is RAW =). Hopefully more developments in the future XD.

Candy☆Boy (ONA)

More info at and offical website.

Fans of seiyuu, Nabatame Hitomi [Also seiyuu of Hanazono Shizuma in Strawberry Panic!] can try watching the clip too cos Nabatame-san voiced the younger twin sister, Sakurai Kanade [The brunette].

… … … … What are you waiting for? Watch it now! LoL.

PS: I really think the title’s weird, I mean Candy Boy? lol wth. Oh I just started playing dota, complete newbie though.

[Signing off @ 10:11 PM]

11 comments on “Candy☆Boy [ONA] 7.39 Mins Short Clip

  1. Thank you for a tip. Looks lolicious but why not to watch. This year yuri anime lack, so yeah I look forward ^^(I hope Candy Boy isn’t harem anime with male loser in the center. We know sly previews =__=.)

  2. to Rinu: But this is not a preview. This 7-minutes ONA is all we’re getting.BTW, I loved it!!!!!!!! I someone else said on another forum, “Hurray for mutually loving, mutually consentual lesbian twincest!” ^^

  3. to Anonymous: Yes, but AIC recently released some ONA on TV. So when CB isn’t fan work I suppose it will have got its continuation (Ok, I hope ^^).

  4. to anonymous1, lol me anonymous2 and Rinu, lol that’s in the shoujo-ai forum isn’t it? And I seriously hope they will make it into an anime series since they had this short clip on ONA.

  5. to akayuki: I gather my presumption from ANN and so on. Shoujoai forum – Don’t bring back that to me, I didn’t see it for long time (no time) ><. to Skotti: No, it wasn’t said. We all hope ^^.(Ok, ok, I am silent from now on.)

  6. Well I say, the subbed version was about a billion times better. You know, I hope this gets turned into a series soon. I imagine it would be at least a twelve episode run. I don’t think from the premises, it needs to be twenty-six, but I would love to see actual full-length episodes, and not just seven minutes. Although, those seven minutes were the best I’ve seen in a while as far as anime goes.

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