Otanjoubi Omedetou Shizuru-sama! [2007]

[Posted @ 8:50 PM]
It’s been THREE years and today’s my most favourite female character Shizuru-sama’s birthday!!! …


Fujino Shizuru IS undeniably hot period. Is she 20 or 21 this year? I’m still confused about it … lol.

Not sure if you guys noticed the changes … hopefully the loading’s much faster than before XD.

Screenshot of IchigoYuri.

Random rants;
Me sad. My parcel from play-asia.com’s not here yet and it’s been 14 days since shipment. My DVDs from amazon.com won’t be coming in time for christmas too … sigh. I’ll probably do Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 8 summary tomorrow, please look forward to it =].

[Signing off @ 9:18 PM]

One comment on “Otanjoubi Omedetou Shizuru-sama! [2007]

  1. wow.. three years..it’s sure a long time! ^^come to think about Shizuru-sama’s age.. my prediction says that she’s 21.. but forget it.. i don’t know when she was born myself (^,^’)anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHIZURU-SAMA!!! wishing a hotter lover relationship with Natsuki~ ^^

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