Candy☆Boy Ep2 Out on 21 June 2008

[Posted @ 5:04 PM]
Rejoice. It’s Candy Boy time soon.



Candy☆Boy Ep2.

So … they’ve been holding the release so as to celebrate the birthdays of the Sakurai twins huh. Awesome, I’m expecting birthday ‘presents’ to be unwrapped!

Now … just to play the waiting game =).

… just a quick update post before I scurry back to … study T_T.

[Signing off @ 5:10 PM]

7 comments on “Candy☆Boy Ep2 Out on 21 June 2008

  1. The blue haired girl reminds me a lot of the girl from Maken-ki Btw, Care to link exchange?1. Type elezend in google’s search bar2. Press I’m feeling lucky3. Click on the links on top of the tab =34. If you’ve added me, please type so in the chatbox on the right sidebar

  2. to elevan, it’s 21 June o_o and yeah they’re releasing on their birthdays so I’m predicting Ep2 to about celebrating their birthdays together elezend, Maken-ki? I’ve never heard of that anime before o_o. And sure

  3. to anon1, that’s great XD and yes counting down, 7 days!to kikku, totally =) I can sense your excitement already elezend, no problems. Ah, I see.

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