[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep2 Out On NicoNico

[Posted @ 12:56 PM]
The episode you have been waiting for. Appease your inner self by watching the RAWs first.

Candy☆Boy Ep2

I’ll post up the summary/review after the Mandarin subs’s out and Last Friends Ep11 summary/review in the evening XD.

PS: Sakuya’s a pervert lol … with her digital cam.
PPS: Yukino bit Kanade’s ear! LoL. Candy Airline to …

[Signing off @ 12:58 PM]

3 comments on “[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep2 Out On NicoNico

  1. There seems to be a fansub group that are looking for TLCs to do Candy Boy (personally I think that Froth-Bite are doing a fine job and are consistent with their timeframe) and they are also looking for TLCs to do Shoujo Sect. As far as I understood from the comments in their blog they are about to release the PV subbed (they have the script ready). The most interesting thing is that they also release the raws in both torrents and directs.July will be and interesting month to say the least.I swear I was looking for Candy Boy when I found about Shoujo Sect. I’m not that hentai. 😛

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