IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 7

[Posted @ 10:13 PM]
Not much updates this time, yamibo’s down =(.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. Koihime†Musou Ep9
2. Strike Witches Ep9

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]


1. [MakiMaki] Girlfriends Chapter 14
2. [Kotonoha-Lililicious] Sweet Blue Flowers Chapter 17

1. Wall. E
2. The Mummy 3
3. Hellboy 2

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy – Chapter 3 [2% Done]
2. Weise Frau – Chapter 2 [2% Done] XD

Random rants;

August 2008 Purchases 1.
August 2008 Purchases 2.
August 2008 Purchases 3.

YEAAHH My parcels are finally here [well in Singapore]!!! LOL. I’m so freaking happy even though I can’t touch them, sigh. I can’t wait to go home. Thanks to Chuz who held the parcels on webcam for me to screenie them lol.

Let’s see … I’ve purchased 15 books this time, Kannazuki no Miko [Manga] #1-2 [END], High School Girls #1-9 [END], Tetragrammaton Labyrinth #3, Venus Versus Virus #4, Strawberry Panic! [Novel] #3 and S.S. ASTRO #1. The total was USD$99.7 so converted to Singapore Dollar is 99.7 x 1.42 = SGD$141.574 hmm and the shipping charges was SGD$48.96, so total is 141.57 + 48.96 = SGD$190.53. Hm so each book costs only SGD$12.70 wheee lol. I’m addicted to shopping online … XD.

I’m thinking of purchasing Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 1 soon along with Hayate x Blade and other mangas coming out in Oct/Nov =). As always, click the ads! XD.

[Signing off @ 10:36 PM]

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