IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 9

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Hmm, I haven’t been updating in a while … o_o

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.


1. Hyakko Ep2

Just watched Episode 2, some might find the pacing slow and boring, well I think the producers should combine the short chapters in the manga into an episode or something. Other than that, I’ve nothing but compliments for the background scenes, animation and seiyuus =]. Seriously, I can’t help but feel sorry for Tatsuki here, I would had broken all ties with Torako LOL.

2. Vampire Knight Guilty Ep1

Woots, second season, Kaname-sama~~~~!

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]

1. [Eunos Press] Kona Kaga (Lucky+Star)
2. Candy Boy Doujinshi – Candy Case

1. [AQS] Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 222
2. [Dynasty] Bakuretsu Tenshi Chapter 8
3. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 – A Person Who Draws People
4. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 – Kakera
5. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 – Konohana Link Chapter 2
6. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 – Momoiro Toiki
7. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 – Otome Stay Tune Chapter 3
8. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime S Vol 3 – The Two of Us, Together Under the Sky
9. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime Wildrose Vol 2 – Greenhouse Secret
10. [Dynasty] Yuri Hime Wildrose Vol 2 – Neko ni Naritai
11. [Dynasty-TEA] Sasameki Koto Chapter 2
12. [EMS] Hen Chapter 72
13. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 – About the Punishment
14. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 – Long Road
15. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 – Some Glittering Day
16. [Wings of Yuri] ES Vol 2 – Water Garden
17. [Tranquil Spring] Hyakko Chapter 1
18. [Tranquil Spring] Octave Chapter 1
19. [Kotonoha-Lililicious] Sweet Blue Flowers Chapter 18 & Extra
20. [Aerandria-OB] Private Prince Chapter 15 <- Not Shoujo-ai but it's a nice josei smut manga XD lol.
21. 百合姬 Vol 12 [Yuri Hime Vol 12]
22. 百合姬 Vol 13 [Yuri Hime Vol 13]

1. Hyakko ED & BK

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy – Chapter 3 [Translation 2% Done]
2. Weise Frau – Chapter 2 [Translation 2% Done]
3. Passionate Electric Waves – Chapter 2 [END] [PR Done]
–> Yeah, I know I’m slow, but will speed up after my exams >A< !!

Okay, I’m going to go whiny from now on;

Saw a comment somewhere which pisses me off, yeah, Little Little, as quoted ‘… has no fucking dialogue or textboxes at all …’ and yes we could be distributing raw, but the problem is, we’re not a fucking raw provider. Otherwise, thank you for the constructive comment, we will improve on it.

Meanwhile, Chapter 1s for Hyakko and Octave are out. We’re always striving to improve our translation quality, if there’s something that is missing or just plain awkward, please direct them to TS website or … well here’s fine too if you’re lazy XD lol. Comments/criticisms and compliments [Yes especially this] are always welcome =].

Here’s a butter cookie [well, bread] for those who likes Little Little as much as I do;

Butter Cookie.

Random rants;

XD, its my birthday today woots. Here’s a photo of my pathetic attempt at making a chocolate ice-cream milkshake and a birthday ‘feast’.

Birthday Feast.

LOL, pathetic no? Sigh, just two more months. *Rush for 3 more assignments*

[Signing off @ 4:25 PM]

7 comments on “IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 9

  1. i read the lucky star doujinshi also, it was great, and also weird at the same time. they really kept kagami’s tsundere personallity, so it didnt really feel like a doujin, felt like the kagami from the actual manga. but then, they also make kagami totally in love with konata, and i dunno it just felt weird seeing her act like this lol. ive been keepin up with dynasty scans releases, as well as tranquil spring’s ^^ . i hope mikarun turns into a long series, its got potential for great character development, keep it up! also happy b-day and nice chocolate shake, sugar overload @_@!

  2. to anon1, lol yeah totally.to yumiko, thanks! XD.to jns, haha thanks, sure do =).to tsuyo_puyo, lol yeah tsundere Kagami ftw XD. Who cares if the characters are OOC!? LOL. The art style’s pretty good for a doujinshi I agree. Thanks for supporting =], will continue to work hard in releasing XD.And yeah thanks XD.

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