Hyakko Ep2

[Posted @ 8:16 PM]
o_O lol.

Hyakko Ep2.

*GASP* The Negima Baka Rangers have taken over Hyakko?

Hyakko Ep2.

Woots, appearance of Touma! XD … it’s short but ahh, better than nothing. LOL, Torako’s such a sucker for punishment >A< !

Hmm, the first part of Episode 2 basically covered the whole of Chapter 2 in the manga but added in their own action in tennis, basketball, tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement and finally football club … lol. Anyways, each ended with Torako either smacking Tatsuki in the face or tackling her lol.

Hyakko Ep2.

Ya know, somehow Suzu reminds me of Mikoto from Mai HiME lol.

WOOT, I can’t wait for the next episode, appearance of the Ookami (Wolf) Nene!!! Put on your yuri goggles cos it’s when the real fun starts … well not really lol.

Random rants;
Tired … just finishd my part for my group assignment and starting on another individual assignment on contract terms and market entry … hmm. Ah I’m halfway with Chapter 2 of Weise Frau lol … the editor gave me a kick on my arse by editing Chapter 1 XD. Hopefully, you guys get to read Chapter 1 soon =].

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