Hyakko Ep3

[Posted @ 12:31 PM]
XD woots, a combi of Chapter 4 and Chapter 9 XD.

Hyakko Ep3.

LOL, with the appearance of Andou Nene, this episode made me lol a few times. Oh yeah, Nene’s bi … and I don’t mean BI-cycle XD.

Hyakko Ep3.


Hyakko Ep3.

Hopefully this pace will continue for the next few episodes, a chapter in the first 10mins and the next in the second 10mins. I have a feeling that the producers are sick of adding their own filter scenes and went ‘Oh, to the hell with it, we’ll just have two chapters in one episode.’ XD.

Hmmm, I see that the chapter with Torako meeting Ushio have been pushed backwards, probably in a flashback since they’ve cleverly covered Ushio’s face in the ‘Torako Skipping Class’ scene lol.

Hyakko Ep3.

>A< bloomers … Nene proclaimed that when she's Student Council President, she will shorten the girls' skirt by 5cm … so vote for her now!!!

Hyakko Ep3.

The robotic [Mecha-Torako] scene’s pretty good, I see some attempts of making it … uh 3D or something. Yi-yiyiyiyiyiyiyi lol.

Hyakko Ep4 Preview.

Episode 4 looks interesting too … hmm Chapter 3 and CHAPTER 6 LOL, my favourite chapter XD. Hope they kept Torako’s sketch of Tatsuki in it, I’m so gonna lmao. Please look forward to it =].

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10 comments on “Hyakko Ep3

  1. couldnt wait any longer for the subbed version so i ended up watchin it raw lol. i liek the part where torako was trying to greet someone and after being ignored she raises her voice and busts out the engrish “ohaiyo tomo! you say , ‘good morning!'” lol

  2. to anon1, o_o thats … not a mask, I think it’s the metal plating face for the robot lol. Kinda creepy in a funny kinda way lol.to tsuyo_puyo, haha yeah, ohhh, that’s Touma, well, actually she likes Torako XD but she’s just doesn’t wanna admit it. to zhakuro, ehh I’m using the Old Blogger template, I downloaded the zip file from the website, unzip it then copied and pasted the html codes in XML format into my blogger template.

  3. Uhmm… Just wondering…Who’s the future yuri couple in this series?It’s ok for me to be spoiled.I just thought you’ve read the future chapters or even finished reading Hyakko so I thought you know who the couples are.It’s ok for me to be spoiled.Please tell me akayuki-san!T^T

  4. to shiznatfan, eh strictly speaking, there’s no ‘yuri’ couple, it’s just subtext XD. I did mention I like the interaction between Torako and Touma so yeah, expect some subtext there. Hyakko has a basically comedy, slice of life kinda plot so don’t really take it so seriously lol. And, some may compare it to Hidamari Sketch. Of course, there’s also ‘proud to be bi’ Nene out to grope and pounce on any girl who catches her eye XD. And Hyakko is still an on-going manga, currently at Volume 4 if I’m not wrong.to zhakuro, o_o it’s in the zip, use WinRar to unzip it and you see a tick_tock folder in there. Double click and you see 4 colours of HTML codes there (index.html being Blue) and etc.You can also go to the HTML tutorial websites to learn more;http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/http://www.web-source.net/

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