Candy☆Boy Ep4 on NicoNico LIVE @ 18:00!

[Posted @ 7:16 PM]
MUAHAHAHA I finally got in!!! LOL, 196 too! I hate my stupid internet speed so freaking slow, =A=, kept getting disconnected like for 10 mins … I could barely make out anything … except this scene!! MUAHAHAHA.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 on NicoNico LIVE!.

Awaits patiently for the official online release at 20:30 XD oh nos it’s 19:00 LOL so yes it’s OUT NOW!

TAT I got kicked out in the end … sigh *kicks connection*. At least it’s not impossible to get in LOL woots.


Random rants while I was waiting for time to pass by;

A true Candy☆Boy fan will click on this link and buy the DVD … lol.

OZMG, I’m so gonna purchase the DVD!!!! Out on 10th December … OZMG but it’s so fucking expensive … ¥6800, … like $104 Singapore Dollars. Man, but I feel so like purchasing from Amazon Japan especially when there’s the vPOST christmas promotion … AHHH I WANNA BUY … along with mangas … *Adds to Cart* man I feel like purchasing 極上ドロップス #1 LOL and 半熟女子 #1 ~~~ AHHHH and 百合姫 Wildrose #1 and #2~~~~ … hmm Candy☆Boy 主題歌CD – Bring up…LOVE/romance … and Bring up…LOVE/恋のカタチ *checks total amount at cart* … =A= ¥11,628 !!!

Hmm, what else should I buy? GIRLFRIENDS #1!!! LoL, man, at this rate I will keep adding everything I see. Hmm but then maybe I should wait for GIRLFRIENDS to be completed before buying … I mean #2 will be out soon so … hmm. Maybe I should wait for the Yen to drop before buying … lol … it’s kinda high right now compared to 2 months ago.

[Signing off @ 7:26 PM]

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