IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 12

[Posted @ 1:08 AM]
Goodies From Amazon Japan and US. I was really excited to receive them but some family matters unexpectedly happened … so I’m not really in the mood to be happy about anything.

Goodies From Amazon Japan.

I’ve proved that you can import yuri books in Singapore … XD LOL, well I’ve proved to myself I can import … probably you already knew it but heck, I’m happy.

Goodies From Amazon US.

LoL, I bought Mai Otome Volume DVD just cos Shizuru’s on the cover =P, oh yeah forgot to wish Shizuru-sama, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2 days ago … =A=, I’m 2 days late.

Oh well, hope everyone good health and a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

[Signing off @ 1:16 AM]

9 comments on “IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 12

  1. Ooh, a DVD with Shizuru. I realize my purchasing Mai-Hime DVD boxset means I won’t get DVD with ShizNat. Ouch ;__;. I should make up for it and buy Otome’s DVD at least =3.Nice collection, actually I am thinking about buying some Yuri Hime too. I am a sloppy language learner, so for now it would be just for the good feeling and a little support :).

  2. to Kitty, lol yeah thanks. I’m willing to post them to you if you tell me the secret XD lol.to Maura, Ohh XD cool. Oh VK, I love the manga and of course Kaname-sama =3to Rinu, ohh you bought Mai Hime DVD boxset, thats good lol. LoL, I can’t really read for nuts too, and I’m just reading for my own guilty pleasure XD.to Elevan, haha thanks, you too, merry christmas XD.

  3. i want your collection! u bought a dvd because shizuru was on the cover, thats just awesome! i think the last yuri item i bought was a few volumes of the Aria manga, but the yuri level is basically just subtext, not so sure since im onl on vol 3. im hoping so,i watched the ova, and i totally saw that yuri in that with Alicia and Akari. i’d buy untranslated manga if i was 100% sure there would be furigana in it. ive only learned like a hundred kanji in high school, and i’ve forgotten most of em now -_-.

  4. huhuhuhu…You are way so lucky!!…I don’t know if I could really buy those using credit card…oh men, my dad will be angry if I use it…so better not…Besides..I haven’t try yet….buying items on the internet…

  5. Ah~ I envy how you can make purchases like that. If only the “adult” adults in my family won’t sniff every package I receive. :sHope you’re doing well and best wishes to you this Christmas and coming New Year! Looking forward to more yuri news and reviews when you return! 🙂

  6. Ah, I was so attracted to the enclosed picture I didn’t read the rest of article. Sorry to hear about your family matters, good luck and I wish only good stuff happens to you next year (whenever it starts, lol).Best wishes.

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