[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep5 Out On NicoNico

[Posted @ 12:31 AM]
Just realized that Candy☆Boy Ep5’s out on NicoNico on 29th December =A=

Seems like you have to pay 315 yen via Credit Card to watch Episode 5 on NicoNico … Blah. Oh well, I’ll just entertain myself by re-watching Ep1-4 on DVD Vol.1 =w= You can watch it on Niconico now XD!!!!!!!!


*Gasps* Have they brought the relationship to the next level in episode 5!?

Meanwhile, enjoy the below screenies of Ep5;
[Warning; Hot Finger Sucking Scenes]

Candy☆Boy Ep5 Part 1.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 Part 2.

Enjoy. Remember to support the original =w=.

[Signing @ 12:50 AM]

8 comments on “[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep5 Out On NicoNico

  1. Oh, snap. The link goes to a “log in” looking page in Chinese looking characters. Seems that I’ll have to wait about year to watch this one.I can’t wait for the episode analysis when the first subs are out!

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