Doropanda Tours Loot Scans and Amazon June Purchases

[Posted @ 12:12 AM]
Wheee~ I’m free from H1N1 virus =D


Along with Bakuretsu Tenshi Manga #2, #3 [END], Venus Versus Virus #6, Suzunari #2, Hayate x Blade #2, #3 and Tetragrammaton Labryinth #5. I love July lol. I have another parcel from Amazon Japan =O which will come coming perhaps next week? \O/

July is Durian Season!

I’ve yet to eat one though lol.

Taken from the durian tree at my place xD. Oh yeah, I just remembered the purpose of this post lol, here’s the MF download link for the Doropanda Tours scans as requested =D. I’ve asked Kai and Kite in Tranquil Spring to translate and edit the one-shot page for me [Scans 1 – Left] I’ll post up the translated page soon. The rest are author’s comments and stuff, well if you’re interested in translating it, feel free.

Edit: It’s up, thanks to Kai, Kite and Monkey =D

They are all just one page specials or brochures, there ain’t anymore so don’t ask for moar lol.

Random rants;

My Seagate of 3 years died on me ;_; I was being whiny on Skype and all lol but today I managed to pull all of my anime folders out along with my Stefanie Sun clips I’ve dutifully collected for 9 years =D out.

Oh how did I revived my ‘dead hdd’? I froze it. Yes, I sealed the HDD in a plastic bag, placed it in the freezer and waited for 2-3 hours. At first, it wasn’t working well and I was getting really pissed. So I left it to ‘dry’ [After several attempts to get it to work] and then I put it in the freezer for 2 hours and it worked! [I even dreamed that I was clicking and dragging my files out lol] Well it worked for a mere 10 minutes before it died again. So I let it out to dry again [Condensation] and then shoved it in the freezer for another 3-4 hours. It was then that I managed to copy all my anime folders out [I saved my Stefanie Sun clips first lol], half of my movie folders, manga and live-action drama clips. I think it lasted around 2 hours [The HDD was getting hot as well, it clicked loudly a few times in between] before the light went out. It was good though =D A whooping 300GB+ worth of data out lol.

Anyways, got me a new HDD, 1TB this time muahahaha and it’s only S$159~~~ This will last me for a few more years.

Moral of the story? BACK UP YOUR GOD DAMN FILES lol.

[Signing off @ 1:49 AM]

8 comments on “Doropanda Tours Loot Scans and Amazon June Purchases

  1. to thisisnottake, ohh lol, Shi-Kitsune, =D yeah. Kinda, but it's worth every single Demel, =D no problems lol. to Yuri Downloads, Ariel, ohh sure, *clicks* nice site =D

  2. niiice, i bought suzunari 1 and 2 recently from my local anime shop (anime shops are pretty rare and theres a huge one a few minutes away from me ><). haha we have the same hdd, mines only 500gb though. u gotta knock a few of those durians down, they smell pretty funky, but theyre good!

  3. Thank you so much for all of these akayuki!ShizNat made my day.I wish I could also read the author's comments though.Anyways, I'll look forward for more translated ShizNat stuff too. (If there are still more XD) *grins*Natsuki is really cute when she's blowing her hair dry and also when she snuggled her "Shizuru hug pillow" (LOL! XD)… Kyaaaaa~ *squeals*Awwwww… Natsuki really must have missed her Shizuru… =3 ,<3Lucky you still managed to copy your files from your HD.Me? Well… >_> It's hard to recall the painful days.And you can keep up with the smell of Durian?!I don't think so in my case since whenever I smell it, I feel like puking. T_TI wish I could eat Durian without minding the smell, but I really can't.Anyways…DURIAN! LOAD SMELL CARTRIDGE!!! HUTE!!!Later!

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