Amazon Japan June Purchases

[Posted @ 12:08 AM]
It’s finally here! I have one more parcel, a piece by Morinaga Miruku … and it’s not Girlfriends since I got them already lol. Wanna guess what?

Junsui Adolescence by Kowo Kazuma, Sweet Peach! by Mizuno Touko & Senju Chiyu, Gokujou Drops #2 by Mikuni Hazime, Yuri Hime Wildrose #3, Octave #1 & #2 by Akiyama Haru, Butterfly Kiss Blade by Shinonome Taro and finally [I thought its a manga =A=! But it’s a novel lol] Cattleya Private Gakuen – Otome wa Hana ni Koi o Suru by Sawaki Riho & Tsutae Yuzu.

Btw, Cattleya’s a type of Orchid. More pictures in this post, click READ MOAR!

I’ve only opened the Friendly version … xD LOVEEEEEEEEE IT! ❤

Spoilers for Gokujou Drops #2 =D LOL.

From the looks of the end of book 2, I’m expecting a volume 3 xD can’t wait for it and Hanjuku Joshi #2 too!!

Oh I’ll update Candy☆Boy EX02 aka Episode 8 soon =D.

[Signing off @ 12:40 AM]

7 comments on “Amazon Japan June Purchases

  1. OH MY #"/$)!=$#"/!"$#!"= GOD!!!!!>,< I don't know why I bother to come here!! Envy bites at me every time!!!Everythink looks so, so, so, so… YUMI!!What?!?! There r two versions of Candyboy??? O,O Do tell more!!!

  2. Uwaaa… Spoiler… (-_-')I wish I haven't seen that.It got the best of me. (T_T)@Demel:Also same here Demel. Can't help getting envious at every purchase akayuki does and when she shows her stuff.Especially those rare Doropanda stuff too!

  3. I have made the very same mistake about buying a light novel and thinking it was a manga. XpNow, if I buy from Amazon, I make sure it says "comic" and not "bunko".

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