Saki -咲- Ep21 – The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For

[Posted @ 4:56 PM]
Well I have yet to watch the full episode *merely scrolled to the C match between Hisa and Mihoko* xD. I’m going to the library to download tomorrow \O/ wait for meeeeeeeee! Anyways, saw the screenies on yamibo and I’m pretty excited well kinda, Hisa finally acknowledged Mihoko’s existence!!! For gods’ sake, about time :<

*gasp* This feeling …!
Man, the moment’s too short, nothing substantial really happened, too many internal-dialogue going on, need ACTION, yes indeed. I like the blushes though =D, thank you GONZO but you have not satisfy the squealing fangirl in me yet ;D

Click read more for random updates I think.

Random rants;

I was bored and had been playing online mahjong over at tenhou and was playing with TS members during my quarantined break back in Singapore lol. I was randomly playing around a few weeks ago and I got a Rin Shan Kai Ho! LOL.

And oh, speaking of anime, I made myself watched the anime titles I was downloading but not watching as well, CANAAN is awesome *_* somehow I felt like I’ve mentioned this before … yeah, in one of my comments I think.

That evil smirk of Alphard’s so awesome lol, sent a shiver down my spine~ it’s now my display pic in Skype lol. Found something amusing in 4chan;

LoL, the pairs kinda look alike don’t they? Jo & Canan are mercenary with silver/white hair, red eyes [When Canaan’s in her ‘senses’ mode], aloof with a past and not to mention their tops. Meg & Maria, well they mostly get captured by the enemy or gets into trouble most of the time and Jo/Canaan have to rescue them or something.

Next, Aoi Hana, hmmm, I’m still watching it, and I still love the OP, the anime’s still following the manga tightly and I could relate/understand Aoi Hana a little more. Despite Yasuko’s bratty and impatient behaviour towards Fumi and Kyouko, I still like her ❤ lol.

Somehow, I’m losing interest for Kanamemo … I don’t know why but I cringe whenever I listen to Yume’s voice and I feel like smacking her when she says ‘Yuuuu~ki’ lol. But Episode 7 was sweet I guess, pretty much confirms everything ;D

Taishou Yakyou Musume iz awesome as well, surprisingly this, this is the anime title I like the most lol, it’s interesting, funny and despite having some Y chromosomes characters in the anime, I still like the interaction and support the respective pairings as well xD.

Lastly, Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~, I dropped it, sorry, it’s too slow paced and boring to me, nice graphics but … it’s just too FREAKING SLOW at the start that I got extremely irritated. Even slower than Aoi Hana.

Well, that sums everything up, I have not abandon blogging yet lol, I’m just well lazy and busy with my studies … cya then.

[Signing off @ 5:48 PM]

4 comments on “Saki -咲- Ep21 – The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For

  1. random blush attack -.- Up to this date whenever I watch Saki and they blush I STILL think "What the hell are they blushing for?!" or something like that. Hm I do like the Canaan and Maria pic =3 Kanamemo… I like Yume's voice xD I think it's rather cute when she calls Yuuki besides… I like her seiyuu =] One of the girls in Taisho Yakyuu Musume though I don't watch that anime =D

  2. awwww episode 21 was cute, but i can't deny that my dirty mind was wanting for more, hisa and mihoko are my fave couple in saki, so i couldn't avoid to think in something more loli already saw that burst angel picture that it's very similar to canaan, a friend told me that canaan it's like a copy of b.angel, i alreayd have b.angel, but i don't have time to watch it now *sigh*, but well, it's like in other girls with guns anime, a girl that protect another…girl XDaoi hana is better now coz have more fumi and akira, but i really think that the best episode will b the last one, i am really waiting for a second season…

  3. to Yuri Downloads, lol yeah, mine too xD, more than Saki x Nodoka haha. Well not really a copy, just a little similar. oh? aoi hana … lol I still like yasuko xD, yeah I guess there will be a second season or third, like marimite \O/ since it's an on-going series.

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