Gokujou Drops Volume 3 Chapter 18 Preview

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\O/ I’ve finished my exams! :< not very happy with my last paper argh, that … that bleaccccccchhhh, hate her. Anyways, hopefully I can graduate this semester, I do not want to sit for ANY supplementary papers lol. Ah yes, I'm not sure why I'm still up at this ungodly hour but I'm here to bring you maor news =D about the 5 ecchi titles Ichijinsha released on November 18th 2009 ; 極上ドロップス [Gokujou Drops] by Mikuni Hazime, 湯けむりサンクチュアリ by 天野しゅにんた [Amano Shuninta], 空色ガールフレンド by リカチ [Rikachi], ハニー★カルテット by 所ケメコ [Tokoro Kemeko] and 乙女戦士ラブリー5! by 城之内寧々 [Jounouchi Nene].

I’ve mentioned about them in my previous Candy Boy post and do you know that you can browse Chapter 1 [20+ pages!] of each title for FREE like NAO? Go ahead and squeal I know you are doing it now lol ; I’m not sure when this free previewing ends but just hurry I guess. Firstly, click this Ichijinsha link. Secondly, click continue to read more below to well … READ MORE lol.

I’ve screenshot the steps if you guys can’t read moon, well I can’t as well but then it’s better to save you guys the trouble of going … HOW DO I GO TO THAT PAGE? -inserts raging anon- Even though it’s quite easy to do it. I can’t link that page directly, it doesn’t load when I click on the link from yuri amagasa. Oh yeah, enable your pop-up cos yeah it’s opens another window when you click on it.

Step 1;

Step 2;

Step 3;

Yeah I know the pictures looks blurish and I’m lazy to open PS to resize it so I used paint. By here I don’t think anyone will be reading this anymore and I don’t blame you xD. Run along, go read all the Chapters and come back to me ;D

Anyways if you’re still reading … SPOILERS ALERT!!!!! SQUEALS lol Gokujou Drops~~~ I’m sure I’ll grin wolfishly whenever I see someone squirt mayonnaise on something or someone lol. Guess this volume finally touches on the childhood flashback of Komari eh? Some reckon it’s Yukio’s sickish brother … and she sure does look angsty at that last page when she saw that necklace =O Omg, I want to buy it now but … I want to wait for Yurihime Wildrose Volume 4 coming out on December 18th \O/

湯けむりサンクチュア looks interesting … heh it’s only Chapter 1 and someone got some already xD. I might add this in my shopping cart. Hmmm, 空色ガールフレンド looks interesting as well, a love triangle, nuthing much in C1 except some cute ‘No! She’s mine!’ grabbing and passing of notes. Next, ハニー★カルテット, ohh it’s weird, felt like deja vu lol, art looks very similar to 空色ガールフレンド anyways but better since it has a finger cut licking scene lol. But this is short, just 18 pages. Lastly, 乙女戦士ラブリー5, omg, this HAS to be read last lol, S&M, cosplay, lacy costumes … right in the first few pages xD. I see a few recurring characters, that oneshot S&M teacher etc from Yurihime Wildrose hmm.

That’s all for this post! Enjoy =D

[Signing off @ 5:46 AM]

PS: Just realised that it’s Chapter 18 for Gokujou Drops … oh well but it’s ‘Chapter 1’ in Volume 3 lol.

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