A Guide on How to Register in Yamibo

[Posted @ 7:34 PM]
To those who care and wants to explore yamibo more, I present to you; A Guide on How to Register in Yamibo and where the important boards such as Images Board [For Mandarin/Chinese/Japanese Manga] and Resources Board [Download Shoujo-ai/Yuri Related Manga or Anime] are found. It might be faster if you go directly to the forum than to wait for someone to post it ;D

Step 1 – Main Page;

Basically there are only 3 steps, the rest are instructions on how to navigate around the forum.

Step 2 – Register as a Member Page;

Step 3 – Successfully Registered as a Member Page;

Step 4 – Main Page, Signed in as a Member;

Step 5 – Member Profile Page;

Step 6 – Back to Main Page;

Step 7 – Members’ Discussion Board / Saimore Yuri 2009;

Step 8 – Images Board;

Step 9 – Mandarin/Chinese Manga Images Board;

Step 10 – RAW/Japanese Manga Images Board;

Step 11 – Resources/Downloading Sources Board;

ANddd, that’s pretty much it, if you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment, I’ll try to help out as much as possible =D. Man, I must be bored outta my mind to do this lol. Maybe I should do a few summaries from Yuri Hime #18 … idk

[Signing off @ 7:46 PM]

18 comments on “A Guide on How to Register in Yamibo

  1. Wow, this would have been SOOOO helpful years ago XD I registered myself of pure instinct D:But thanks anyway, now I know what some other options say 😀

  2. Thanks, it explained few things I haven't known yet. Btw how is it possible to have 21 points without posting anything? And how to have 2 stars for seeding with zero total number of post is far beyond me…

  3. to Erin, no problems.to Yuri Downloads, welcome =Dto Jayu, ❤ glad the guide helps.to Nekk, cool now you know where to grab the good stuff xD.to KoSSa, o_O how is that possible? Unless there's a bug, *shrugs*

  4. 灌水區 is like a general board where members talk about their life, school, organise some gatherings, share news and blah. XDon a side note: IDon'tBelieveThatMama'sAccountOnlyHave10Posts!

  5. Just to add.. If i'm not wrong, you get access to special boards(i think its a smut board or something…….) if you get a certain amount of points.. I dont have access so i dont know =X but some of my yamibo friends have access..

  6.  for me i had to open the site in IEmy validation code was:输入下面问题的答案《千年女王》里的雪野弥生是哪一年离开地球的?the answer is: 1999

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