[Tokoharu] NanoFate Doujinshi – Ouji-sama to Amai

[Posted @ 4:58 PM]
A short post with an equally short release.

NanoFate Doujinshi – Ouji-sama to Amai by [くりころ] Kurikoro aka Tokoharu.
A release on behalf of Kano, thank her, not me. Enjoy this cute NanoFate doujin, I know I did =D.

[Signing off @ 5:07 PM]

6 comments on “[Tokoharu] NanoFate Doujinshi – Ouji-sama to Amai

  1. Hi, Kano. Thanks for translating it, it was really cute. I was wondering if you would mind if I linked Nanofate.us to here so other people would be able to read this in English. If you would rather only release here, that's perfectly fine too 😀 Anyway, thanks again for translating!

  2. to Anon1, glad you love it =D.to Kano, no problems, eh forgot lol.to ploobloo, I don't mind, hopes Kano don't as well but then the folks at NanoFate.us has their ver out as well, two versions, more love xD.to Kyub, no problems =D.

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