Amazon Japan Purchases May 2011

[Posted @ 1:23 AM]
A late night post because I was busy gaming xD Borderlands is addictiveeee!!! Now I have a Lvl 30 Soldier and a Lvl 18 Berserker [Named ilovepain and coincidentally he also loves pain lol] \O/ Also I got my parcel last Sunday =o= didn’t know Singpost delivered stuff on Sundays … GOOD FOR THEM AND ME!! *happy*

A contest in IchigoYuri!?Market Research

Anyways, I’m interested in how many people will be willing to join a contest in my blog and if the response is overwhelming, I’ll consider purchasing 2 more Girl Friends Drama CDs and giving them out as prizes =D. Post your suggestions in the comment section for the nature [Fanart, fanfic, trivial etc] of the contest as well. This poll ends on May 31 2011.

And uuhh, I opened my GF Drama CD so I won’t be giving that as a prize lol no worries. Will order 2 more if there’s a good response =3
Nobara no Mori no Otometachi turned out to be an interesting read, good character twist [kinda] for the supposedly boring, goody-two-shoes Ojou-sama type and I lol-ed at the cute side story in V2 xD Won’t wanna spoil you much heh. All I can say ‘Poor Izumi’ haha. Priced at ¥420, the manga is kinda small compared to Ichijinsha’s ¥900 manga, barely 3/4 of the latter’s size. Oh, I also got an oldie for ¥1 haha not including shipping charges but it’s still okay.

‘Himitsu no Hanazono’ is probably one of my first few gender bender/cross dressing shoujo-ai manga with a happy [kinda] ending whereas gender doesn’t really matter between the two characters and even if Sakuya’s a guy, he(she) is a hot one xD. MMmmm reminds me of another Sakuya from Kaikan Phrase. Oh, this is a true gem so I’m happy to own it.

Here’s a little incentive.

And another more.
And I’m tired. Nights all! Looking forward to your suggestions and comments!

10 comments on “Amazon Japan Purchases May 2011

  1. Oh!!! Nanzaki Iku's Sweet Little Devil!! kyaaa!!Does it have new stories? Is it worthy to buy? Or just by having the Yurihime wildrose you'll see the same?BTW, what kind of contest will it be? I'm interested. As for the prizes, why don't you make a poll? maybe some would like manga while others want the cd-drama. 😉

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