C84/85 Doropanda Tours & Morinaga Miruku/Myao Haul

[Posted @ 11:38 PM]

Got my stuff last week however I was too lazy to do anything about it so it was sitting on my desk until now lol.

I’ll post some more pictures this weekend, nothing smutty in the new Shiznat doujinshi tho :v but there’s nosebleeds! Haha.

2 comments on “C84/85 Doropanda Tours & Morinaga Miruku/Myao Haul

  1. I got mine several days ago. *3*
    I hate when Nanazaki-sama teases us with few ShizuNatsu, and more so when it not smutty. ;A;
    But, Beast Burst kinda made it up for it.
    How's Girlhood's end? I'd like to see pics of that one. :]

    I wonder if the next Doropanda will have more stuff?

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